Integrated branding services | Why do you need them | How does it work

Relationships grow based on mutual interests, similar cultures

In order to create a long term relationship with your customers, your brand needs to apeal to them and it can only do that effectively if it aligns to their style, their interests, their tone of voice, their personality. To do that, your brand needs to understand its target audience in depth. So we take a

A focused approach for an effective and viable brand:

Brand auditing: we analyse your existing brand elements, and understand what works and what doesn’t.

We, then, proceede to understanding your target audience, who they are, what do they need and how can you talk to them effectively.

We look into your existing competitors, why are they successful, how do they present themselves and how can you stand out from their crowd.

We draw a direction for your brand that is singular, yet, focused on your target customer’s profile, a unique selling proposition.

A harmonious persona

Imagine your brand as a person, one that your target audience is meeting for the first time. Just like that person, your brand will have a certain look, an attitude, a distinctive tone of voice and a home. Your brand will leave an impression based on all of the above and you can only hope that impression was strong, inspired trust, and it left a memorable impression. That can simply be achieved by creating a harmonious persona for your brand, one that is consistent in all its aspects, from its visual identity, to its visual messages out there on both online and offline media, to the way it speaks, and to it’s surroundings, spaces where it acts, lives.

Everybody loves shopping-malls

Shopping malls, changed the way we all shop simply because everything is placed under one roof. And this can be applied to almost everything. Including branding and design in general.
In short, by offering integrated, full branding services, we save you the time and energy to look for various design providers in order to cover all your branding needs.
And most importantly, we, working closely together accross several disciplines, to insure a coherent outcome of your final brand image.