Al Gannas | Falcons, falcons and sand dunes

Falconry, a noble sport with deep roots in the Arabian Gulf culture.

Al Gannas, the cultural association for falconry in Qatar asked for a concept that represented them, and falconry as a sport, in national and international events, and we were very keen to answer.

What we did:
Space arrangement, Space Design, Brand Identity Implementations, Visual Identity, Brand Experience.

Ever spent precious minutes, yet hours, gazing at birds in the sky? Falcons, the most majestic of all? Their movements and precision? The moments when they are still and the lines they draw when they move?

Well, we did, and transformed those lines from the sky and the desert sand, from the blue and golden canvas, to our drawing boards, creating Al Gannas stand concept.

Lines were transformed into shapes and volumes, colors were transformed into lights, and movements into functions.

The stands was divided between an exhibition space, a meeting space and a photo opportunity for visitors, providing an over-all exciting and learning experience in a small representative spot.

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