Boston’s | The place where Andy Warhol would want to drop by for a pint

Remember the 60’s? Pop Art? Warhol, Basquiat, colours, heavy typography, dots and more dots.

What we did:
Created a Brand Experience, Art Direction, Visual Identity,
Food & Beverages Menu Design, Photography Style

Boston’s sports pub wanted to have a retro look, the old English style pub, and yet not rustic, old-ish but still anchored in the modernism. So we thought, why not art? Not too contemporary, yet not too classic. And so, Pop Art popped into our mind (pun intended). So we went from this…

to this…

Designing an efficient menu is a small science in itself. How come? Well, simply because it involves a bit of psychology in terms of how the human mind handles lots of written content at once, especially when hungry (lol). Apart from looking good and on-brand, the menu must help customers navigate easily throughout its pages by means of organising the content smartly, carefully selecting the font sizes and spacing around them to make the text friendly to the eye, and when requested by the chefs, inserting the most useful and catchy eye magnets.

Lifestyle images courtesy Louis Hansel @Unsplash.

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