ConocoPhillips | when water goes around, it comes around

ConocoPhillips Environment Day.

The target audience were children of all ages. The subject was Life and the Environment.

What we did:
Space arrangement, Space Design, Brand Identity Implementations, Visual Identity, Brand Experience.

The concept was about teaching the children how to save water through experiencing the Life Cycle of that water, from the rivers runoff, to evaporation, condensation and precipitation in the form of rain onto the land and into the rivers again and again.

We designed the stand as an entertaining and educational space where kids can be part of nature, with several physical and mental activities to widen their horizons and teach them about caring for the world around us and its natural resources.

The space included active and interactive spaces, climbing walls, drawing and painting station, kids art exhibition space, parents supervision spaces and other multi-purpose spaces and storage unites.

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