Space design with a twist | A different approach for a dental practice

How can an already highly professional dental clinic, be different. The latest equipment is already there, professional services and all. So we took another aproach and turned their brand into an experience, their patients’ experience.

What we did:
Created an experience concept to differentiate the brand, Art Direction, Illustration, Menu and Collaterals Design

A brand can keep talking about herself, or… it can be all about its audience. Pretty much like a newly acquired friend who despite her perfect looks, fancy image, fails to conquer your heart because she just… isn’t that much into you.

We had the chance to build such a compassionate brand while working with them. The brief was simply a headache (smile): latest technology, great locations, personnel with high qualifications, in a market that already featured several dental practices with the same high specifications present in their business model. Building their brand on more of the same was not an option.

A visit to the dentist is rarely an event to look forward to, but research and psychological studies show that it can become, if not a thrilling experience at least a much more pleasant, acceptable one.

We went on to create just that, a more enjoyable experience for our client’s patients, thus not only addressing their health but their emotional well-being too.

We found ways of implementing that research in our space design which was no more about its looks, but about its function in addressing the most urging concern of their target audience, beyond looks, comfort, expertise, but more on the humane side.

WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, an overall brand theme guiding not only the space design but also an innovative, interactive approach to dentistry experience. And in doing so, we took into consideration senses that helped ease the patient’s experience: smell, hearing, seeing, touching. We helped them take their mind away from the pain.

At the reception, while filling in your medical data and/or being assigned a cabinet number, a custom designed form on a tablet/ipad will allow the customer to get part of the WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY experience.

Anxiety usually grows exponentially during the waiting time before entering the cabinet. Having not much to do but wait, watching ‹educational› posters featuring dental problems/issues, and endlessly being advised to floss/brush/gurgle, hearing the drilling sounds, all of that does nothing but accelerate the fear and anxiety. So we invite the patients to relax by tackling their primary senses:


Image above courtesy Kanwardeep Kaur.

In addressing the SIGHT and HEARING attributes: AMBIENT MUSIC / sounds of nature will at all times play in the background.

While seated, the patients will be able to focus on their chosen ‹happiness› theme (whether beach, forest, mountain, tropical jungle, etc.) being displayed on the digital screen in front and above the dental chair. Ambient sounds matching the theme will be played in the background.
While registering at the reception, patients will be asked to point at a calming spot in nature that they favour. A database of videos/sounds will be available for them inside the cabinets to be displayed on digital screens.

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