They are not forever | A story about bees and diamonds

Bees have been disappearing at an alarming rate lately and without bees, seeds and fruits will ‘not be forever’. We wanted to raise awareness on their situation so we imagined a scenario where seeds, fruits and plants in general, could be on the brink of extinction due to lack of pollination, thus as valuable as diamonds. So we really turned them into ‘diamonds’ by designing jewellery that would feature them.

What we did:
Awareness campaign concept, jewellery/product design for illustration, product photography, graphic design.

Bees are a lot more than winged creatures dressed in a gold and black attire, buzzing around all summer. They are crucial to our eco-system. They are the tiniest chefs you’ll probably ever meet, working hard on ‘cooking’ your next meal day, by day, by day, pollinating tomatoes, zucchinis, apples, oranges, you name it … the crops that eventually will constitute most of what you nourish yourself with.

We started designing actual jewellery that featured seeds and fruits instead of gems. All spice seeds, dehydrated orange, lemon and grapefruit slices were the first of our design trials. Then we ventured further with basil seeds, dried chilly peppers, pepper corns (those we found amazingly sexy from a designer’s point of view). Dragon fruit, passion fruit and mandarin slices, coriander, anise, fennel and cumin seeds came next.

Once the craft work was done we went on to turning it into a visual campaign/message for all to see and hopefully remember, changing minds and help people help our little heroes, the bees.

The Bees’ crisis is serious, on a global scale, but it is also true that each one of us, from the countryside lucky dwellers to the city people, living in a small apartment, we can all do our tiny bit to help.

For one thing, populate your balcony with flowers that bees would love to feed on.

Mist your plants in the heat of the summer, the plants will love it and the bees will sip on the droplets too.

And most of all, avoid chemicals! They kill the bees and poison your plants too.

There are endless natural, cost effective too, recipes out there to protect your garden or plants… A bit of research goes a long way. And always think about the little buzzy chefs that we so much depend on…

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