Caramel | When you can almost taste the brand

Caramel – a classic recipe translated into a playful brand.
A pastry shop inside Rotana’s newly opened hotel in Doha, that was proud of their recipes and especially their topping, caramel sauce, the magic of a simple, yet classic recipe

What we did:
Branding, Art Direction, Visual Identity, Packaging,

Mood image above courtesy of Nathan Dumlao @Unsplash. Thank you.

Starting from the classic caramel recipe we created a set of patterns to be used throughout their diverse range of collaterals and packaging items. They loved the play and so did we.

The employees were invited to choose their own pattern when it came to their business cards.

Packaging items were sealed with labels carrying the different patterns distinguish the content and ading a playful note to the overall look and feel of the display window.

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