SAWA | water for all

SAWA, in Arabic, means ‘together’.
When Rayyan Water wanted to introduce a new sub-brand on the market, one that is more affordable and yet preserves the purity standards they were known for, the obvious word for it was ‘water for all, together’ in a multicultural society united by a common desire for a better life.

What we did:
Brand Concept, Brand Experience, Art Direction, Naming, Visual Identity, Logo Design, Photography Style, Advertising Campaign.

A brand should always be more than just a name, a trademark, a logo, package, or product. A brand should be a collection of our thoughts + feelings, about our experiences around it.

Matching the Latin letters with the Arabic ones was quite a challenge, so instead, we decided to draw each character by hand.

Sawa was born out of the obvious, the demographics of our society, the climate, the type of life we all shared. Qatar hosts people from almost all over the world, a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, traditions, but all in search of a better life, far from their home and under the scorching sun of the Gulf Region, all of us in need of hydration most of all.

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