When we bake | you bake with us

Amore Pizzeria – let us show you how your pizza is baked from scratch.
Amore Pizzeria knew their recipes were great, they knew they could impress with their products, but they still wanted to stand out more, be different in a ‘different way’. We proposed a space design that would set them apart, by cooking in front of their customers, and creating an open kitchen that not only would allow for an amazing cooking show, but invite people to step in and interact directly with the brand.

What we did:
Work Concept, Space arrangement, Space Design, Brand Identity Implementations, Visual Identity, Brand Experience.

We designed an open kitchen where the dough will fly into the air while being stretched and shaped before laid into the tray, where all the fresh ingredients are openly displayed for an extra buzz in the taste buds of those hungry, awaiting customers. And last but not least, the delivery. The freshly baked pizzas are sliding down on the side …. while the chef is calling …. Cover image courtesy Mae Mu.

“Interior Design” is never only about colors and materials, we focus on experiences and try to understand the journey that a first-time visitor will go through and make that journey memorable encouraging repeated visits until costumers and business owners are one big family.

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